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Ethylene Analysers


Ethylene is a vital factor in the storage, transportation and ripening of many fruit and vegetables. We have developed ICA Electrochemical Sensor and grown our expertise to successfully measure Ethylene over the commonly used range of 0.5ppm to 50ppm.



The ICA56 portable analyser is a simple hand held instrument with a built in pump that provides a direct reading of the ethylene concentration within a produce storage or ripening area.

In storage rooms where low ethylene is essential, checks can be made that the ventilation and ethylene removal systems are operating correctly. The minimum resolution of 0.2 ppm makes this instrument very useful for most products. For the ultra ethylene sensitive products such as Kiwi Fruit, a reading on this machine will indicate severe storage atmosphere problems. The range for this instrument is 0-100ppm.

Please see datasheet below for more information.

Calibration & Servicing:

We advise that the ICA56 is serviced and calibrated on an annual basis to ensure continued measurement accuracy of the device. We will replace the battery & filter when required as part of this.

Please click here for a Service & Calibration Booking Form



A fixed Ethylene Sensor ICA515E is used for continuous ethylene measurement and control in cold stores and citrus de-greening rooms, used in conjunction with Restrain ethylene generators.

A variation of this is the ICA518 which can be incorporated in to the ICA6000 Control System should you require Ethylene recordings in CA Stores.



ICA’s Technical Director has created the patent held Ethylene Control Generator which is manufactured and serviced in house. They are predominately used in the storage of potatoes and onions and can be obtained from our partner company The Restrain Co. 

For more information on the Restrain Machine, contact ICA or Restrain


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