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O2 & CO2 Analysers


Our in house technical designers and engineers design and manufacture a wide range of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Gas Analysers specifically for measuring the storage atmospheres.

Oxygen is measured using a highly stable electrochemical cell that has proved its excellence from simple hand held equipment to being built into the most sophisticated laboratory system.

Carbon Dioxide is measured with various sensors, depending on range and application, all using the principle of Infra-Red Adsorbtion.

Our ICA250 is a portable analyser for both Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. This is an excellent all round analyser for commercial and laboratory use with electrical outputs compatible with many of our control systems.

The ICA350 is another portable dual analyser for CA use, but smaller and without the voltage and current outputs available on the ICA250.

A very small portable analyser for Oxygen only is the ICA110 which incorporates a sampling pump. However for a more precise measurement of very low Oxygen concentrations the ICA310 would be more appropriate.

For measuring Carbon Dioxide only, the ICA320 is available in two ranges;

5% CO2 for cold produce rooms & 20% CO2 for CA applications.

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