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Research Laboratories


The ICA6000 system has features which are designed for use in specialist laboratory conditions, especially for Post Harvest research. It can measure and control the atmosphere in small laboratory chambers and tubs from 250l upwards. The system can be configured to control the air, CO2 and ethylene supplies to the tubs.

For small cabinets used in research and CA testing the system can be built with solenoids to return the sample gas.


The LabPod is a hermetically sealed enclosure with a stainless steel base and a clear moulded cover that is installed in a cold store for performing Dynamic Controller Atmosphere testing on a sample of about 80kg of fruit. It is supplied with air, nitrogen and carbon dioxide so the PLC controls the internal atmosphere at gas levels set by the operator.

At operator determined intervals the gas supplies can be shut off so Respiration Quotient and Respiration Rate tests can be performed and the results shown on the PLC display. The PLC can also be monitored and controlled remotely using standard network protocol.

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