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For Shipping Fruit Storage Containers, ICA developed the ICA6150 PLC based control system with our own software. It monitors and controls the atmospheres in the refrigerated cargo spaces and is proven to improve the marketable quality of the produce while it is on route to its destination. It has a proven track record in many marine and land based installations.

A single gas analyser is used to measure the gas levels in each hold typically every hour using an electronically controlled sample conditioning system. The gas in each hold is controlled by adding nitrogen or balance air as required.

Operator interface is through a PC computer screen where the readings and settings can be seen and adjusted. The recorded data is stored on disk and displayed in tabular and graphical format.

A standard commercial desk mounted PC can be located remotely, e.g. at the engineers desk, which will monitor both the primary and secondary system with two inputs and two sets of the monitor software running.

The PC software is custom written in Visual Basic and the data files are Excel and Access compatible. All files and charts are available for screen reading or can be printed using a standard windows printer.

An LCD operator interface is built into the control panel and this provides the ability to operate, set and view the operation of the system. To avoid confusion the software gives priority to making adjustments from the PC when connected.

The gas analysers used in ICA systems are well proven with excellent service in the field. The Oxygen measurement uses an electrochemical cell. The accuracy and stability is as good as a paramagnetic in this application and there is a much reduced cost, flow and shock effect.

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