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Temperature and Relative Humidity


The ICA28 Temperature Probe is the industry standard temperature sensor for fruit stores in the UK and widely used elsewhere. The major advantage of this sensor is an inherent accuracy of typically ±0.15°C without field calibration and without loss of performance even with over 100m of connecting cable.

The ICA6000 system uses these probes to obtain its high accuracy and can also use Relative Humidity sensors when required.

Our ICA6001 Temperature & RH Monitoring System is used in cold stores, packhouse, shipping and other applications when the refrigerated environment requires temperature and/or RH monitoring alone.

The ICA6004 Refrigeration Control System is a system for multi room, high accuracy refrigerated storage faciltiies. This system can accomodate hot gas defrost for multiple rooms from a single refrigeration pack.

For single loop control a sole ICA201 Temperature Controller using ICA28 probes can be purchased.


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